Cutthroats in Felac'Delb

Chapter 10: Red Eye, Blue Eye

leave athforek, place aspect on nick and mara

banter along the road, amos almost breaks nick’s fingers, respect earned.arcady talks to mara, she’s pretty distant, but he shows her bynazgu. she’s impressed and hides alarm, but points out that their golem is cracking, so arcady goes to fix it with alteration
they run into a kalashek nature mage camp/village, they get a ride to lake Blas, and master bart tags along. aldy screws with him, but he knows that they’re doing stuff for alphonse because they’re on the same level. aldy shares his bizarre spirit-world experience with bart, who puts together that amos has been chosen instead, and that his once-removed eye is growing back red. bart tells them what the book is and who stole it, the cutthroats get ready for action.

when they depart from the boat and walk a bit, then see that their target destination is on fire. they get in closer for a look, mara uses divination to discover that the village was sacked and elves are holding it. they move in even closer, see a bunch of dudes, perhaps 3 dozen, but are discovered.

they go into action mode to make a big enough distraction for nick to sneak into their camp and steal what his best guess at the actual book is (they have a bunch of decoy books). They get surrounded and come to a standoff when Nick returns to them with the book. The elven commander comes forward and says that they don’t even have the right book, but they want this to go smoothly, so he’ll make a peace offering for them to go about their business. he busts out siobhan, which gets aldy in a bind. arcady crosses his fingers and opens the book, which turns out to be the right one. he uses their group code to communicate that they should take the deal. amos reasons that the officer wouldn’t take the chance of them having the right book, and will find out that they have the right one, and make a move on them soon.

they take siobhan and go. aldy tries not to speak with her. at night, they set an ambush and kill a dozen of the creythia soldiers. Mara opens the communication with alphonse and he reads them the note after mara and nick agree to take the book back to eklesa.
the cutthroats plus siobhan and the golem head to vraltorgh per wuruk’s note, and arrive without incident.

as they make their way throught the camps, arcady notices a bunch of ogres at one and goes to talk to them. they are friendly and take him to meet their lord, Thagrosh. thagrosh listens to arcady’s message and assumes that he means to usurp his lordship, so he instigates a fight. arcady puts him down but does not kill him as thagrosh expects. he convinces him that they will be more successful as allies, and they make peace.
aldy disguises himself as an old goblin, and bluffs his way into the camp of thorrcha (wuruk’s lord). he speaks their password, and amos steps out of the shadows. wuruk tells his lord that the cutthroats have arrived.



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