Cutthroats in Felac'Delb

Chapter 12: Aggressive Negotiations

Several months later…

The Island of Tagkra
Arcady and his forces have taken control of the island, and now push to take the city Tagkra. He and Amos lead a group up to the sewers, break through the grate (thanks to some help from Bynazgu), and move in. Arcady takes out the guards on one of the gates with his halberd, and opens the way for the rest of his army to come through. In the chaos of melee, Amos looks about for the Fvavalk commanders, and when he finds them, snipes them in classic fashion with assistance of his spirit patron. A group of orc followers are taken out by the defense in a murder hole while Amos is looking for them. Once the fighting is done, Arcady sets up in the lord’s main hall and calls his men together. He gives a speech announcing the establishment of the Guarat Protectorate. It’s met with mild enthusiasm from the non-ogres. Amos stands with Arcady for the speech, but is itching to go search for stragglers, at the behest of his spirit patron. While he’s making his way through the soldiers he overhears some orcs complaining about how many their men died so that the ogres could be on top. Amos smacks the guy in the face and tells him that if they’d wanted to leave, they’ve had several chances, and those men died because they chose to be in that fight, not because Arcady killed them.
An hour later, Content Not Found: chief-murdoch-doomhand’s second Tall Angus comes in and tells the assembled Arcady, Grelka, and Doomhand that a group flying the Gjekrat Alliance banner is approaching and giving alms to the people on their way in. They prepare for the worst.

EgjHumta in Vuntek
A Kalashek accountant rolls up with a half dozen men to try to bust Aldebaran‘s establishment on tax fraud. Aldy gets his enforcer Banarro to take him in the back and off him. Meanwhile, Aldy shows the soldiers a good time and get them to participate in the revels of the Festhall. While one of the guys is eating human flesh (from the accountant), Triona steps out of the shadows to annoy Aldy. He stiffens up and heads outside to use the outhouse. She follows him and congratulates him on his business success. She then tells him to that she is at his disposal, and she offers him a black pearl ring that can use to “call on her”. He rejects it outright, but when she tells him that she has information on his friend Arcady, he offers her Abernathy’s caller for it, provided that she gets someone to play it near Thranten. She laughs, they make the trade, then she tells him that a situation has developed on Tagkra and that Thranten will involve himself.

Arcady graciously receives the Gjekrat party, lead by Overseer Errant Yogn Tlor (an ogre), and he outlines a treaty from his superiors that will essentially make the Guarat Protectorate a vassal of the Alliance. Arcady is unsure on his exact response, so he takes council with Doomhand and Grelka. Grelka tells him that Tlor is obviously a fake meant to appeal to Arcady, and that the treaty will bring the free and proud people of the Protectorate to their knees once again. Arcady hears the truth of her words, and they go out to negotiate. When they return to the main hall, they find that a group of Kalashek have landed in a pjotlkraft and have a treaty to discuss too: they want to build a Kalashek outpost on the island in exchange for repairing the land and infrastructure. With a sigh, they go back to the side room to discuss. Doomhand is strongly anti-Kalashek, sayign that they won’t stop there and they’ll convert everyone they can and take the island out from underneath Arcady in a long-term scheme.
Arcady decides that he needs to sit down with both of them to see if there’s some kind of agreement the three of them can come to, but when he returns to them, they are gone and their respective parties are equally confused. In the main hall they find a note from Thranten that tells Arcady that he will make sure the New Entente fails at any cost, given that his nemesis is a part of it. The note crumbles into dust after the contents are read.


Amos 1
Arcady 2
Aldebaran 2


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