Cutthroats in Felac'Delb

Chapter 15: Cry Havoc

Arcady brainstorms with Harbingers Grelka, Doomhand, and Thagrosh on their assault on the city of Jera. Arcady sends letters off to the Elven Archons and the Dwarven King urging them to join the fight and take vengeance on the Creythia Society, Thranten’s biggest ally. He also tries the Pimen Clan and argues that the Free Cities of Jara have an important place in the world economy that Thranten is disrupting for his own gain.

Aldebaran leaves Tagkra with Siobhan and some Auroran warriors to visit Athforek and make himself a “proper man” for Siobhan and to call Black Aatos and the Undertow to arms. He makes several displays of power, which seem to get her attention now that she’s beginning to embrace the tenants of the Dumati fatih.

Aldebaran has left Triona‘s trinket with Amos and Arcady, and they decide to try to use it. They set up in a dungeon cell in Tagkra’s castle. They call her and she appears, Arcady and her get into a sass battle, and when she says he’s wasting her time, Amos shoots her. The bolt goes through her and its revealed that its a simulacrum of her with some portion of her soul, which The Cutthroat binds into a dead body that had occupied the cell.

Aldebaran arrives in Athforek, gives the order to Black Aatos, then goes to Ulyark to make the deal. He promises the EjHumta enterprise to him in exchange for a behavioral tailoring, then they head back.

Amos and Arcady receive him and notice Aldy’s behavior change. The three of them brainstorm and get the idea to contact Alphonse Hayek via Mara Kun and Nicky Small for some unofficial Kalashek assistance. Aldebaran once again offers the EjHumta as an asset, stressing that in the aftermath of this showdown the Kalashek will have only to contend with the Gjekrat Alliance once again, and the EjHumta will provide spies in their lands. Alphonse accepts and hides their forces with a massive illusion working as they pass through the Kalashek lands to the Free Cities.



Chapter 15: Cry Havoc

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