Cutthroats in Felac'Delb

Chapter 17: Manifest

Arcady, Voltimand, and Doomhand, the harassment is resolved by Arcady going mega-oni and silencing them. Voltimand leaves after telling Arcady that The Kalashek are hosting a talk in their camp, and Arcady should come.

Aldebaran hangs with The Boss drinking whiskey in his reclaimed office, Aldy plays the flatterer and Boss eats it up.

The Cutthroat tells Amos to go to The Devastation to achieve his reward, he investigates the docks, gets on a dwarf boat to Damar. They pass a Dwarven blockade with no trouble, though they ask Amos to go below decks to avoid any misunderstandings.

Aldebaran walking around Jera remembering being an urchin, stares at reflection in a pool of water, then the pool starts bubbling and tentacles come out of it with Ulyark speaking angrily to him about being cheated from the EgjHumta. Aldy frustrates Uyark with some word games, then Banarro shows up under Ulyark’s control and he accosts Aldy and stabs him in the leg to keep him from running. Aldy escapes by biting off one of Banarro’s fingers and limping into a hole. he eventually makes his way back to Fajo’s palace, where he meets Siobhan and tries to force her to leave with him, he accidentally injures her and she storms off. Aldy gets Gark and Yarme to find Amos. while Aldy is gathering things and laying low, they come back saying that Amos headed off on a boat to The Devastation.

Amos gets off the boat in Damar and makes his way out of the city quickly to get a move on. The trek through The Devastation is rough but the Cutthroat warns him that the land is deceiving him, so he takes care to note where he has been and minimize the amount of down time he takes. The Cutthroat remarks that the land looks a lot like the last of the world as he saw it as it was being destroyed by the powers of the gods. they hear a terrible cry, and Amos takes cover to spot the source. it is a large eight-legged cat-like creature that the Cutthroat recoils from then returns to with a hateful glare. it says that this beast is what slew him and the Cutpurse in the end, and that a hunt of vengeance is in order. it goes on to ask if Amos has anyone he would like to hunt down, and he thinks of a few names to take off the list

Arcady helps more of the cleanup, then goes to the Kalashek camp for the meeting. all parties present start by declaring their are.
-Kalashek: want the Dwarven Kingdom to stop the blockades and sieges of the other Free Cities and for the Elven Archonate to stop the hostilities in Crasshai
-Boss Fajo wants the Dwarven Kingdom to stop the blockades and help the Archonate wipe out the Creythia Society
-Elven Archonate wants the Kalashek to officially surrender Crasshai to them
-Dwarven Kingdom wants to establish a military base in the Free Cities territory and a land grant to funnel refugees from The Devastation
- Gjekrat Alliance wants to ensure that nobody marches an army through their land to oust any fleeing Creythia members, and to work out an extradition treaty for their removal

Amos gets close to the destination and sees an alien looking ziggurat, which he approaches. there are a number of tents around it and a standard of the church of Haxitum, but he walks past them and up the stairs. at the top he sees a young orc and a old dwarf kneeling in prayer. The orc turns around and greets, Amos his father. Hrabkuk explains that his mission to track down Eoric Deepsong is complete, and he is staying here for the time to learn what he can from the dwarf. Eoric explains his place as the Emissary of the Gods, and the Cutthroat jumps in to explain that it’s just here to collect its reward. Eoric invokes Caya, and the reward is given. The Cutthroat demonstrates its new-found ability to manifest a shade form of itself outside of Amos that it can control. Eoric explains he was chosen because he is strong-willed and mindful of the power of the gods, then goes on to say that The Devastation is in fact the aftermath of an attempt at time travel which the gods put down and punished with a living reminder of what happened the first time they were challenged. Hrabkuk walks Amos back down the pyramid to reminisce.


Aldebaran – 1
Amos – 1(-3)
Arcady – 1(-2)

Chapter 17: Manifest

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