Aldebaran the Bastard

Bastard of Disguise


Gnome. Basically a bard. More to come. Often goes by Filthshank, his goblin jester alter-ego.


HC: Magnificent Bastard of Disguise
Trouble: Well, That Escalated Quickly
Approximate Knowledge of Many Things
Dirty Money, Dirtier Associates
Do You Know Who I Am?

Item: Triona’s Black Band

Minor: Ice Shrapnel
Moderate: Necrosurgical Trauma
Severe: Stabbed in the Leg


Great – Deceit
Good – Lore, Notice
Fair – Athletics, Rapport, Provoke
Average – Resources, Will, Fight, Investigate

Stunts and Extras

Master of Disguise: Spend a Fate Point to go Off-Screen. Later you may declare that you were one of the nameless NPCs in a scene all along, or the GM may refund your Fate Point to have you be discovered (can be bought off like another Compel).
Infiltrator: Use Deceit to pass Advantages to your party while Off-Screen. Only works if they are in a place where you’ve been or could receive messages from you. Requires Master of Disguise.
Arrogant Bastard: +2 to Provoke attacks involving ostentatious displays of power.
Biographer: Use Lore in place of Contacts for knowledge about people and their reputations.
Total Situational Awareness: When you successfully use Notice to create an advantage by adding free invokes to an environmental hazard, gain an extra free invoke.
EgjHumta (2 refresh): Aldebaran owns a chain of Festhalls in Numiri lands that cater to the orc population. It serves both as a source of income and an effective front for Aldebaran’s criminal activities. Aldebaran can spend a fate point to invoke Dirty Money, Dirtier Associates to get the aid of an EgjHumta functionary, reveal someone to be one of the EgjHumta’s patrons, or send for help from one of his main lieutenants.

Former Aspects

HC: Bastard of Disguise
Trouble: Well, That Escalated Quickly
Approximate Knowledge of Many Things
Filthy Friends and Filthier Proclivities
Insufferable Sycophant



Filthshank the Goblin
Sebastian Anderstein, the merchant from Bastion
Milo Ritter, Halfling Cobbler
Halfling Woman
Bitten Ear, deprecated

Dramatic Poles

Calculating Manipulator and Impulsive Deviant

Deprecated Stunt: Mind Games: Use Deceit to make Composure attacks with hurtful lies.

The bastard son of Eoric Deepsong and an elven prostitute, Aldebaran grew up in Bastion, surviving through deceit and guile and generally being unattached to his dignity. In his late teens, Aldebaran left the Free Cities to seek increasingly bizarre thrills, using his disguise capability to insert himself into various cultures for as long as he could keep up an act or until he would get bored and sabotage himself.

His longest gig was as Filthshank the Goblin Jester in the court of King Gjonrak of the UFK. That was his most thrilling, too, for there was always the possibility that he would die violently either as a accident or for the sake of entertainment. Just when things were getting good, Filthshank made a joke about Gjonrak’s inability to defeat Courvan the Undrinking back in the campaign against the Gjekrat Alliance.

The insult sealed Aldebaran’s fate: he was held for almost a month as Gjagk Mercy, Gjonrak’s favored and unfailing executioner, prepared a death suitable for the gnome who would mock the King. However, Aldebaran had no intention of actually dying, and schemed with another captive—the murderous former Hound of Urrax, Amos Silenthowl—to escape.

The opening of Cutthroats finds Aldebaran and Amos as they have been since that escape: on the run, plying their trade as deceiver and killer to buy themselves passage to the next town. The shadow of Gjagk Mercy is never far behind, but the ever-changing political landscape of Felac’Delb presents myriad opportunities to get ahead, and maybe, just maybe, to get away…

Aldebaran the Bastard

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