Amos Silenthowl


Currently has 0 fate points

High Concept: Grizzled Ex-Hound of Urrax
Trouble: Law of the Jungle
Never Failed a Kill
Murderer But Not A Monster
Stupidity Is Not The Same As Gramba

Great: Stealth
Good: Empathy, Physique
Fair: Athletics, Fight, Provoke
Average: Crafts, Investigate, Notice, Shoot


  • Snipe: You can use Stealth instead of shoot when making ranged physical attacks against unaware targets.
  • Stalk: You get an additional free invoke when you create advantages with Stealth in outdoor environments involving hiding your position.
  • Cold Reading: You may roll Empathy in place of Deceit against a target who you have revealed an aspect on.
  • Cope: Use Empathy to determine the number composure stress boxes instead of Will.
  • Grapple: +2 to Physique when creating advantages involving grappling or wrestling.

Amos Silenthowl

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