Arcady Longaxe

Successor of Guar Peakbreaker


• High Concept: A New Warlord for the Ogres
• Trouble: Promises of Glory
• Anzo, the Traveling Apothecary
• Hard Knocks in Kalashek
• Marked by an Oni Spirit

• great- physique
• good- fighting, alteration
• fair- deceive, empathy, rapport
• average- athletics, lore, notice, will

Spirit Pact (Oni), Greater: You have access to one Arcane Magic skill, alteration, that allows you up to five free invokes with an aspect and gives you a +1 bonus when used with the spirit’s goals. However, you take a -1 penalty when used against the spirit’s wish, and you have to pay Debt for every invoke that you make regardless or be Taken Out by the spirit.
Stay Your Course: +2 to physique rolls when enduring uncomfortable physical situations such as sleep deprivation and extreme heat or cold.
Flexible Form: Twice per session, you make take one boost representing your body being magically twisted, translated, or otherwise bent out of shape.
Unstoppable Force: +4 to physique rolls when creating an advantage or overcoming actions.

1 current fate point(s)


An ordinary ogre is dangerous enough in a fight. An ogre with a deceptive mind, Kalashek military training, and the guidance of an oni ancestor named By’Nazgu could become a danger to the known world…

Born to lowly ogrish threshers in the town of Refthek, Arcady thought he would not amount to much within his community. He was instilled with the patriotic fervor of most Kalashek from an early age, culminating in a trip to the barracks when he was eight years old. His prodigious strength led him to the soldier caste, and he never questioned his place in society. At age 15, however, a mysterious spirit contacted him and told him of his proud lineage as the descendant of the oni, a historically-obscure race with potent magical talent. By’Nazgu unlocked Arcady’s arcane potential and secretly trained him in alteration*, subtly changing his skin tone and giving him small horns. The Kalashek wizards soon learned about it, and the ogrish fighter was poked and prodded for some time until they agreed to let him return to his martial duties. However, By’Nazgu had already planted the seed of a greater destiny in Arcady’s head, and the young warrior could not shake it from his mind. As Arcady fought on the western front, the oni spirit regaled him with tales of ogrish independence and glory, and of Guar Peakbreaker in particular**. After he aided in the siege of Crasshai in his eleventh year of service, Arcady received an honorable discharge and soon after hired himself out as a mercenary to establish a new reputation for himself. It was at this time that he created the cover identity of Anzo, traveling apothecary, to get close to targets without attracting suspicion. Now, at 30 years old, he plans to fulfill his ancestor’s wish and become a new ogrish folk hero. As he has vowed to himself—“I await no divine glory. My sacrifices in this life are enough for the good of my people.”

Recently, he has traveled to the city of Athforek for a prestigious position as chief of security for one Ulyark the Sorcerer. He resides in the wizard’s palace for now, spending his free time with his underlings, but By’Nazgu has informed him that two cutthroats will give him a better offer—one that will most likely grant him a place in history, or at least a chance to cut the Fvavalk army and the elves down to size.

*By’Nazgu trained Arcady to craft potions and turn into both one generic humanoid and a multitude of animal forms.

**Guar Peakbreaker is famous among orcs and ogres for his victory over the elves on Mount Carra during the orcish assault on the world. Guar and his warband of fellow ogres held the surrounding territory for nearly a decade until the Church of Haxitum had him killed under false pretenses and took the land for itself.

Arcady Longaxe

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