Blake Wavestrider

Numiri Pirate


Blake took to the seas at an early age to engage in honest and dishonest business. After he’d made enough of a name for himself, he quit the honest business and turned full pirate. He has recruited several Kalashek outcasts from Ostrek to assist in his new venture. Clan Numiri has hired him and his people to serve as a guard against any Orc ship that sails their way.

The Inner Circle of his gang, The Wavestriders, is made up of Blake and four others:
Alan Highclere – ex-Kalashek soldier, middle-aged, graying blonde hair
Roric “The Hammer” – dwarven muscle, lots of scars, thick black beard
Leeland Dormer – ex-kalashek mage, early 20s, hippie appearance
Maza the Swift- runaway Border Lord’s daughter (Shuruppak), light green skin, dark green eyes, lots of piercings and tats

Blake Wavestrider

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