Chief Doomhand

Leader of the Aurorans


Chief Priest of Clan Aurora
Kalashek Took my Home
The Mark of Dumat

Superb: Dumati Necromancy, Provoke
Great: Dumati Conjuration, Will
Good: Physique, Notice
Fair: Fight, Empathy

Divine Magic: Dumat – add dumati necromancy to the skill tree with the reaver extra
reaver: once per scene when you deal an X stress hit with dumati necromancy, you may clear your X stress box. If it is not checked, add another box at that same level
Divine Magic: Dumat – add dumati conjuration to the skill tree
Witherer: Get +2 when you roll to create an advantage with Dumati Necromancy related to debuffing
Okay,Fine! – You can use Provoke to defend against Fight attacks, but only until the fist time you’re dealt stress in a conflct. You can make your opponents hesitate to attack, but when someone shows them that you’re only human your advantage disappears
Hard Boiled – You can choose to ignore a mild or moderate consequence for the duration of the scene. It can’t be compelled against you or invoked by your enemies. At the end of the scene it comes back worse, though; if it was a mild consequence it becomes a moderate consequence, and if it was already moderate, it becomes severe


Lennox Doomhand has a long list of stories attached to his name, several of which earned him deed names that are now replaced by Doomhand. Quite simply, when Lennox of the Aurorans raises his hand to you, it brings your doom. He now has an enchanted claw gauntlet that he had made to better channel the magic he channels from Dumat, which many refer to as Doomhand’s Doomhand. For a Dumati priest, he is known to be very reasonable and wise.

Chief Doomhand

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