Enforcer-Errant of the Church of Haxitum



  • High Concept: Junior Missionary of Haxitum
  • Trouble: Faith Must Be Forged in Combat
  • Just a Big Kid in a Tin Can
  • Sins of My Father
  • Awakened Ambition


  • great- will
  • good- fighting, physique
  • fair- athletics, Haxitum, lore
  • average- contacts, deceive, notice, provoke

Divine Magic (Haxitum): Your character is devoted to a particular god, and all magic he wields comes directly from that deity. This stunt costs two refresh the first time that you take it, but one refresh the second time. The second time you take the stunt, you gain the other three supplementary trappings and receive a +1 to skill rolls with one and a -1 to mana cost of one. You get the following:

  1. the Haxitum skill
  2. read mind, speak into mind, encourage/discourage, and create/project force/wind
  3. a pendant of Haxitum: +1 to the god’s favored trapping and to a trapping of your choosing and reduces the mana cost for spell enhancements of both trappings above by one point.

Strength of My Faith: Once per scene, for one fate point, you can reduce any consequence that is physical in nature by one step (from severe to moderate/moderate to mild) or erase a mild consequence altogether.
Fear of My Faith: Gain a +2 bonus to Provoke when dealing mental stress specifically by quoting from Haxitumite scripture.
Favored Enemy (Dumat): Two free invokes on an advantage when using Haxitum in a situation that specifically has to do with Dumati followers.


The second child (of three total) of Amos Silenthowl and an orcish woman named Garza, Hrabkuk was born and initially raised in the small mountain town of Karzg. Hrabkuk hardly knew of his father as he grew up, but he was determined to find as different a path in life as possible from that of the silent hunter. When he was five, his hometown was invaded by the newly-formed Unholy Fvavalk Kingdom. Amos was already absent at this time, so Hrabkuk’s mother fled to the outskirts of Dharz’Dan with her son, where they moved into an isolated cabin. He was frequently bullied by the local children until, as a seven-year-old, he angrily beat nine boys within an inch of their lives. This garnered him the notice of a Haxitumite priest who had watched the brawl after finishing his duties for the day; when the cleric expressed his admiration for his courage and offered to train him in the Haxitumite way, Hrabkuk eagerly accepted the chance to make a name for himself. He quickly rose through the town church’s ranks by speaking in public and driving out the followers of Dumat; as a 12-year-old, he was therefore assigned the high and rare honor of spreading the law of Haxitum into neighboring lands.

With the Unholy Fvavalk Kingdom’s increasing conquests fresh in his mind, Hrabkuk vowed to do as much as he could to halt its savage dominion. His initial combat led to disaster, however, as he attacked the forces of two Fvavalk lords who easily surrounded and took him prisoner. Luckily for Hrabkuk, a gnomish former jester named Aldebaran discovered his plight, pitted the two lords against each other with his silver tongue, and freed the Haxitumite missionary. Though Hrabkuk was amused by and grateful to the deranged trickster, the two men parted ways. After a year of traveling, and after not having seen his father in eight years, the young cleric met Amos again alongside Aldebaran. How they reunited will be told soon…

Hrabkuk has earned praise for his single-minded defense of the Haxitumite faith but has also faced some criticism for resorting to violence more often than necessary. He is ultimately still immature and uncertain in how to conduct himself as a priest of a strict faith and also as the son of a more pragmatic orc, but recent news have given him BIG PLANS


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