Tag: Halfling


  • Boss Fajo

    Fajo has been boss of Jera for over ten years, which is a very long term for a boss in [[The Free Cities of Jara | the cities]]. He's kept his people happy, but his political rivals try very hard to take him down. He has a very strong relationship with …

  • Siobhan Fajo

    HC: [[:boss-fajo|Boss Fajo]]'s Promiscuous Daughter

    Before her fateful meeting with the Cutthroats, Siobhan was something of a shame to her father because she was unacceptably promiscuous.

  • Nicky Small and Mara Kun

    Nicky Small is a Numiri halfling that excels at murder. He is ill-tempered and single-minded. His partner, Mara Kun, is a Pimen Mage who is seemingly the only one that can keep him in line. She is adept at enchantment, evocation, and divination.