Tag: Human


  • Captain Edward Hayek

    Captain Hayek is a very by-the-book soldier, a strategy which has allowed him to earn his rank with a minimum of drama. Because of his ability to get results, he is usually sent on missions that take him outside of the Union's borders.

  • Thranten Ias

    Thranten Ias is a relatively recent player in the field of [[The Free Cities of Jara | Free City]] politics. Rumor has it that he was a simple jeweler from a small town outside of Jera, and that he came into his wealth by cheating an adventurer out of the …

  • Walter Antilles

    Walter has earned his position as Lord Overseer by being careful to never stick his neck out for others. When he has no choice, he always brings in others, and makes sure that their necks are just a little further out than his. His faith in Haxitum and …

  • Ian Glung

    Ian is a [[The Hirogen Clans | Pimen]] that studied at their famous Lakeside college in Ometek. He pledged himself to Tanas at an early age, and has devoted himself to understanding the Omet by emabarking on vision quests. The orcs of [[The Unholy Fvavalk …

  • Blake Wavestrider

    Blake took to the seas at an early age to engage in honest and dishonest business. After he'd made enough of a name for himself, he quit the honest business and turned full pirate. He has recruited several [[The Kalashek | Kalashek]] outcasts from Ostrek …

  • Alphonse Hayek

    Alphonse is a mage of great influence within [[The Kalashek | The Kalashek Union]]. Though a senior mage, Alphonse devotes more of his time to matters of state than to the study of magic. He is the nephew of [[:captain-hayek | Captain Edward Hayek]].

  • Termina Vzorcaya

    Though Termina is a native [[The Hirogen Clans | Numiri]], she has been out of town for quite some time, earning a name for herself in the city of [[The Free Cities of Jara | Bastion]] and as hired muscled for the [[The Kalashek | Kalashek]] mage [[: …

  • Nicky Small and Mara Kun

    Nicky Small is a Numiri halfling that excels at murder. He is ill-tempered and single-minded. His partner, Mara Kun, is a Pimen Mage who is seemingly the only one that can keep him in line. She is adept at enchantment, evocation, and divination.

  • Master Bart

    A master of the schools of nature, necromancy, and abjuration. He lives in seclusion in the swamps of the Riverlands, where he teaches those who wish to learn the secrets of nature magic.

  • Chief Doomhand

    Lennox Doomhand has a long list of stories attached to his name, several of which earned him deed names that are now replaced by Doomhand. Quite simply, when Lennox of the Aurorans raises his hand to you, it brings your doom. He now has an enchanted claw …

  • Banarro

    Banarro has many tales to tell, and prefers to tell them after several mugs of ale. He is a competent fighter, but his real asset is his eyes, which he claims never miss a thing.