Tag: Kalashek


  • Captain Edward Hayek

    Captain Hayek is a very by-the-book soldier, a strategy which has allowed him to earn his rank with a minimum of drama. Because of his ability to get results, he is usually sent on missions that take him outside of the Union's borders.

  • Alphonse Hayek

    Alphonse is a mage of great influence within [[The Kalashek | The Kalashek Union]]. Though a senior mage, Alphonse devotes more of his time to matters of state than to the study of magic. He is the nephew of [[:captain-hayek | Captain Edward Hayek]].

  • Master Bart

    A master of the schools of nature, necromancy, and abjuration. He lives in seclusion in the swamps of the Riverlands, where he teaches those who wish to learn the secrets of nature magic.