Tag: New Entente


  • Aldebaran the Bastard


    [[:filthshank]] the Goblin Sebastian Anderstein, the merchant from Bastion Milo Ritter, Halfling Cobbler Halfling Woman Bitten Ear, _deprecated_

    Dramatic Poles

    Calculating Manipulator and Impulsive Deviant …

  • Mogh Lionhide

    A friend of [[:hrabkuk | Hrabkuk]]. He earned his name when running an operation to sell counterfeit lion's manes, which are a prized symbol of gramba among the [[The Gjekrat Alliance | Inner Orc Lords]]. He got out of the business before he made too many …

  • Arcady Longaxe

    An ordinary ogre is dangerous enough in a fight. An ogre with a deceptive mind, Kalashek military training, and the guidance of an oni ancestor named By'Nazgu could become a danger to the known world... Born to lowly ogrish threshers in the town of …

  • Black Aatos

    An early entry into the mercenary gang of [[:termina-vzorcaya-1 | Termina Vzorcaya]]. Aatos is considered perverted by almost anyone's standards. Though his pleasures are many, he is known for orgies and drinking. He is a skilled fighter and has many …

  • Klim Spike-Club Thagrosh

    A lord from the foothills of the Yara-Mal Mountains who commands a small force of orcs and ogres. He's been trying to band together as many ogres as he can for ten years, to limited success.

  • Chief Doomhand

    Lennox Doomhand has a long list of stories attached to his name, several of which earned him deed names that are now replaced by Doomhand. Quite simply, when Lennox of the Aurorans raises his hand to you, it brings your doom. He now has an enchanted claw …

  • Grelka, Champion of the Pride

    Grelka joined the New Entente once the Kalashek came to Vralltorgh to decapitate the leadership of the Unholy Fvavalk Kingdom. She commands a modest amount of soldiers, and keeps a variety of large cats as pets, including a pride of lions.