Tag: Unholy Fvavalk Kingdom


  • Gjagk Mercy

    So named because his mother wsa taken from the northmost lands of the Hirogen. Son of the Border Lord Sravok-who-Laughs-at-Death.

    Gjagk is a contract torturer and executionior. He carries a number of knives for self-defense and utility, but he …

  • Rahgot the Furious

    One of the orc lords allied with [[The Unholy Fvavalk Kingdom | The Unholy Fvavalk Kingdom]]. He fought beside King Gjonrak in the battle of Karzg, and in the aftermath they say that he defiled the bodies of Haxitumites from [[The Orc Lords | The Gjekrat …

  • YaTrug The Summoner

    YaTrug is perhaps the only contemporary Orc wizard that is worthy of note. He is known as the summoner because of his hyperspecialization in the art of conjuration. He kept to the mountains and was the lord of a small hold until [[The Unholy Fvavalk …

  • Lagto Wuruk

    Wuruk is Lagto to Thorrcha of the Foul Pit. Thorrcha allows him to continue his smuggling on the condition that a portion of it goes to him. Wuruk, like many other Lagtos, sees his role as Lagto as a stepping stone to Lordship.