Spirit Pacts

Cost: 1 (Lesser) or 2 (Greater) refresh, and an associated aspect

Benefit: If you took Greater, you get access to a single Arcane Magic skill which you must fit into the pyramid or take at Mediocre. If you took Lesser, there is no change to your skills. For your Arcane skill, you get a +1 bonus when using it in line with your Spirit’s goals, and a -1 when you don’t.

Choose a type of Greater or Lesser Spirit and describe this in the aspect. You have a pact with that Spirit which allows you to draw on magical reserves. This aspect can be invoked whenever taking action in line with the will of the Spirit.

However, unlike a normal aspect, you can invoke your Spirit pact aspect for free up to 5 times, even on a single roll. Doing so places you in Debt, and the benefits gained from the invoke must be flavored as coming from the Spirit’s powers. Track the total Debt from 0 to 5.

The Spirit may compel the debt to make you do whatever it desires, though this will always be aligned with the sort of Spirit it is. You get no Fate Points for such a compel. The Spirit chooses how much debt to collect for a given request, and you can only refuse the collection by taking the following consequences, depending on the amount of debt being collected: 1 – Mild, 2 – Moderate, 3 – Severe, 4 – Extreme. If you refuse a collection of 5 Debt, you are Taken Out by the Spirit. These Consequences are usually mental in nature, but some Spirits (such as Rage spirits and Lust spirits) prefer to exact a physical price.

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Spirit Pacts

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