The Elven Archonate

See the entry on The Combine for context.

The Elven Archonate is ruled by six archons, which are chosen from amongst the wizard-nobility by other archons. After their bitter breakup with The Kingdom of the Dwarves and the fallout of The Devastation, the archonate is angry and looking for justice. The Ekwan Republic held talks so that they could make their peace with the Dwarves, and tried to focus their anger towards The Creythia Society with some success. The archonate is assisting with attempts within their own land to restore the land and infrastructure through magical and mundane means. Losing the elven capital of Nith was a huge cultural blow for them, though they were able to save much of their history and magical texts before evacuation.
The major groups within the archonate are country folk , city folk, refugees, and the nobility. None of them are happy with the state of affairs. The nobility wants to exact vengeance on the dwarves and the creythia society, the city folk are angry that refugees are flooding in and taking their jobs, and the country folk are unhappy about the amount of pressure being put on them to feed the refugees.

The Elven Archonate is in Teal on the Western half of Lorath. Their capital is the city Tatha.

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The Elven Archonate

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