The Uprising

After the Upstarts left Tarol (capital of The Kingdom of the Dwarves), The King and his cabinet put all their efforts into gathering evidence for the trial of Eoric Deepsong. What they discovered truly alarmed them, and the treason was clear. When they went to fetch him from his cell, he was gone. They assumed that he had escaped, and an inquisition lead by the Order of the Obsidian Heart yielded no answers. The elves got wind of this, and Lady Autumnshade fueled the angry response, and the dwarven monarchy takes a lot of heat. Autumnshade gets an audience with the Archons to formally deliver her message of separation, which they take seriously. Some hate crimes against dwarves take place, and the Obsidian Hearts come down hard, killing several of Autumnshade’s big supporters.

The Kalashek march their army across The Earthsmile, and lay siege to the city of Crasshai. The city yields in a week, and General Simon Voltimand begins the campaign of conversion. All of the children are taken away from their parents to be educated as Kalashek. Many people are killed during this effort. The second airship is constructed, and William Barthanas takes a trip to the newly conquered city to visit the troops and remind them of their duty. The troops move out and conquer the surrounding villages, eventually moving to and taking Iridian with ease.

The Unholy Fvavalk Kingdom makes its first move against the Orc Lords, moving down from the mountains, and leaving nothing but waste behind. Total war is begun.

YEARS 2-4:
There is a serious falling out between the Archons and the Monarchy and racial tensions stir. The elven army on Prack is forced to retreat to their southern territories, with their new base of operations in Girivar. They call for peace with the Kalashek, and The Polaris host the peace talks. The result is a non-aggression treaty, and the elves yield Bastion and the territory surrounding the taken cities to the Kalashek. Those officers that return to Lorath find no peace, but hear Autumnshade’s message (they blame the dwarves for getting them into a hopeless war with the Kalashek). Some of them get together with the radicals of Autumnshade’s crew and form The Creythia Society, which calls for an end to The Combine and a return to the glory days before the orcs, where elves ruled themselves. With unofficial support from the Archons, the society statrs hitting the dwarves in “elven lands”. Dwarven investigation reveals the Archons’ support, and the following uprising kills four of the Archons. Their replacements are pro-combine, and bring the heat down on the Society.

The Kalashek turn their attention to their new territory, and have to put down uprisings. It gets very bloody, but they end up on top, and the only citizens that are left are loyal to them or too afraid of them to try anything. The Polaris get really angry with them, and volunteer to take over the reconstruction of Bastion. The get a lot of good will from The Free Cities of Jara, and foster a very strong connection with them.

The UFK takes the city of Karzg, putting them very close to the great city of Haf. Eventually they march, and the Orc Lords mobilize their troops and call on the church of Haxitum for help. In the heat of the battle, King Gjonrak kills Lord Executor Bargkaz (who lead the forces from the church), then runs across Courvan the Undrinking. They have an epic fight: Gjonrak’s gramba against Courvan’s magic. The army paused to watch, but in the end, Gjonrak’s general interrupts and their duel is disengaged. Both armies retreat back to their camps. Gjonrak’s general suffers a terrible death for intervening in the duel.

YEAR 5-6:
The society eventually teams up with the Drow, who further radicalize them. In time, they become true terrorists and their attacks culminate in The Devastation. They capture a revenant of Lamder and used its power in a ritual of enormous scale. The result of the ritual is that much of the land south of Lake Flenncarra (including Tarol and Nith, the two capitals) deteriorates into a huanted and infertile wasteland. Everyone is pissed, but the dwarves call for the elves to make it right. Despite the destruction, some elves harbor society members (mostly on Prack). Eventually they gain enough influence to take control of the Prack territories and they separate from the elves. Lady Autumnshade and the Drow move to Prack and take control, with Autumnshade as the figurehead. The extreme actions lead to an official divorcing of the Combine and a near war, but the Ekwan Republic intervenes and hosts Reconciliation talks that result in the signing of The Lorath Accord. The only thing that The Elven Archonate (Lorathi elves) and the Kingdom of the Dwarves like about it is that they don’t have to lose more people.

The UFK licks their wounds and starts turning to raids to regain strength. The Kalashek start putting pressure on the Pimen and Numiri, demanding to garrison troops should the UFK take serious action against them. The Pimen consent, but the Numiri get really pissed and start forming an army of their own. Meanwhile, refugees of all types come to the Hesca, Polaris, and Free Cities fleeing from The Devastation.

The Orc Lords reach out to the Ekwan Republic to negotiate trade deals. They make very favorable offers, and the lords that they reached out to accept. Courvan the Undrinking pays a visit to the Lordsmeet when it is held and gains more support for the Orc Lords, though the central Ekwan government strongly opposes them.

The story Begins…

The Uprising

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