Cutthroats in Felac'Delb

Chapter 11: Delac-Do

Amos and Aldebaran get down to business with Wuruk and Thorrcha. Their target is Lord Rahgot of Burovedk (whom Amos encountered with his son Hrabkuk), and after some discussion, they conclude that the best way to off him is to simply make him disappear. Thorrcha dismisses them and he and Wuruk start putting on their ceremonial clothes for the Delak-Do. Amos heads out to begin the gathering of intel, and Aldy goes outside to deal with Siobhan.
They have an understandably awkward exchange, and Siobhan expresses her anger towards Aldy for leaving her high and dry to be captured and tormented by Thranten. Aldy ignores it and gets both of them in disguise (as goblins) so that he can store her safely for the goings-on of the Delak-Do. He disguises himself as Bitten Ear, and Siobhan expresses her disgust at being a goblin. Aldy takes her to Lord Grelka, who has a fascination with lions and is one of the few female lords. He introduces himself as Bitten Ear and that he wishes to sell her a slave. She bites after some convincing, then Bitten Ear reveals himself to be Filthshank, with who she is familiar, who then reveals himself to be Aldebaran the Bastard. He explains that he needs Grelka to take this goblin (truly a halfling) as a handmaiden for the time he’s at the Delak-Do for safe keeping. Grelka is uninterested, but Aldy offers to give her intel on other lords for when the UFK breaks apart (like they know it will). In light of the Delak-Do, Grelka challenges him to a game of Doort, a traditional goblin game, and the prize of winning is to have the loser fulfill the winner’s wish. Aldy agrees and stealthily slathers some costume adhesive to his hand so the cone won’t budge. He defeats Grelka handily, but is unable to remove the cone from his hand, so he makes a quick exit and gives a nod to Sioban.
Meanwhile, Arcady and Lord Thagrosh discuss their alliance with Thagrosh’s men. Arcady makes a good impression, but they want to see his physical ability, so they tell him to stand for them in Thagrosh’s place. Thagrosh is a bit hurt, but sees the wisdom of the decision. They get Arcady dressed up for the Delak-Do (green tunic with a sundered mountain in red, black studded leather boots and gloves). Thagrosh gets some other clothes of lesser grandeur to accompany Arcady. They walk over when the bells toll. Arcady gets a good seat since they don’t want to put the ogres up too high in case things break. Thagrosh points out notable lords to him. A posse of Aurorans walk by and taunt Arcady and Thagrosh, having a good laugh at the “free ogres” concept, as the aurorans have been sucked into the culture of dumat, and will never leave it. The rites begin, and YaHurg (a high Dumati priest, very twisted by Dumat with the classic orc underbite/tusks and some head spikes), brother of YaTrug enters the colosseum and begins the rites.
Amos has moved out into the camps heading for Lord Rahgot’s. Several of the lower-ranking men are going through the games and betting on each other. A few of the slaves are doing them as well. Amos finds the camp, but can’t pick up enough from his eavesdropping, so he has to go in and mingle. He gets into a conversation with another elderly orc named RuGjet. They talk about the good old days, and the guy recognizes Amos as a Hound of Urrax, which makes him a bit nervous, given that they’re in Gjagk Mercy‘s territory. They witness a rather brutal pit fight in which a dozen young orcs give the all of their female slaves clubs, and say that the first one to fall is theirs for the night. Amos gets RuGjet talking about the games, and picks up that Rahgot will certainly participate in the wrestling and fox tossing. On that note, he and Amos head over to the wrestling ring and Amos steps in to teach the young men a lesson in humility. Bitten Ear shows up and trolls one of the other orcs into making a high-stakes wager on Amos’ opponent, who then loses horribly. Bitten Ear and Amos meet up and discuss their findings.
Back in the High Fane of Dumat, the rituals continue. YaHurg prays to Dumat on behalf of those assembled for his vicious strength and mighty presence to guide the outcome of the Rites of the Delak-Do, and to invigorate their bodies when they take the fight to their rivals, the Gjekrat Alliance. He goes on to invoke the names of several Dumati Alphas (equivalent to saints), including Urrax Ogreslayer, who was honored for slaying the company of Guar Peakbreaker after he sought to take land in his own name. The rites go on for some time, and finally, a yak is brought out and YaHurg calls upon Dumat one final time to accept the tithe of blood that they offer to him. YaHurg clears the way and stands next to YaTrug, and a panther comes running out from the back to kill the yak. Once the yak lies dead, YaHurg and YaTrug kill it with Dumati magic and each puts a finger in the yak blood and the necritized panther flesh, marking themselves with black and red. The lords come down from their seats to follow suit and begin the games. When Arcady marks his face, he does so in honor of Guar Peakbreaker. As he walks out, he and Thagrosh run into the Auroran group again, and talk games. The leader introduces himself as Martin Greatspear, and Arcady reveals that his epithet is Longaxe. Martin takes that as a challenge, and tells Arcady to prove himself in a round of spear-fencing against the master. He accepts, and goes to warm up by participating in a game of Ruzaga (bocce ball with giant rocks).
After a marvellous victory, he is intercepted by Amos and Bitten Ear, who have concocted a plan to kill Lord Rahgot silently and without witnesses. They communicate the plan as they walk back over to Rahgot’s camp, where he’s laughing with some of his men about the revels of the fox-tossing. After locating an adequate area of dirt, Arcady uses Bynazgu’s magic to turn the dirt into quicksand. With a nod, he heads back over to the spear-fencing. Amos hides himself nearby, and Bitten Ear calls Rahgot over with an offer of some high-quality strength stimulants. Rahgot comes over, and Amos pushes him into the quicksand. Bitten Ear poops in his hand and chucks it into the crowd, starting a heated argument over the source of the poop, which keeps people from noticing that Rahgot is being swallowed by the earth. After the kill, Amos goes off to Wuruk and Thorrcha to report. Bitten Ear disposes of the Bitten Ear personality, and goes off as Filthshank to find his notes on the various orc lords for future reference.
Arcady walks up to the spear-fencing to see Martin fight. He’s up two strikes to zero, and wins the third one by impaling his opponent (a shorter stocky orc) through the protective vest. A priest nearby kills him with unholy magic to honor Dumat. Arcady steps in, exchanges some taunts with Martin, who tells him that he’ll never make any headway here because he’s still thinking like a Kalashek. They begin. Martin scores his first hit, then Arcady his. Martin scores a second, and breaks Arcady’s spear. They hand him a new one, and Arcady barely makes his second hit on Martin. The final round is very high tension, and the crowd is split. In an act of desperation, Arcady calls on Bynazgu, who adds such a force behind the lunge that Martin’s defenses fail terrifically and he his split apart by the force of the blow. There is a moment of silence as people mentally absorb that a man was exploded by a spear, then they erupt into cheers. Arcady catches someone say that he is truly Guar Peakbreaker’s heir, which sends his spirits soaring.
Amos arrives at the tent of Wuruk and Thorrcha, who are drinking Araq and laughing about a goblin who lost an eye when playing Jai Alaib, but they quiet down when Amos comes in. He reports that the deed is done, and Wuruk thanks him, and says that there’s one more thing before he leaves. Amos senses trouble, and turns towards the entrance to the tent to see Gjagk Mercy standing with garrote in hand. He snaps it threateningly, then reiterates the death sentence that Amos Silenthowl is due, then advances. Amos runs out through the side of the tent, but gets caught in a concealed trip wire, which sends him sprawling, and his arm is caught in a bear trap. Amos is in true terror, and has nothing he can do, but he hears the strange whispers from before in his head. They become coherent, and ask Amos to accept the gift offered to him because it will spare his life. Gjagk Mercy emerges from the tent and walks carefully over to Amos. Amos knows that he’s really in between a rock and a hard place, but likes living, so he accepts the spirit bond, and it takes control. His arm slides out of the bear trap, leaving him with a meaty stump on his right side. He grabs his arm and the bear trap and throws it at Gjagk Mercy, who was stunned by the recovery. He blasts him with a necrotic bolt before running off away from Vralltorgh into the wilderness of the Yara-Mal Mountains.


Fate Point totals:
Amos – 3
Aldebaran – 2
Arcady – 1

Chapter 11: Delac-Do

I believe Amos actually made his severed arm into a bone spear which he used to impale Gjagk.

Chapter 11: Delac-Do

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