Cutthroats in Felac'Delb

Chapter 14: Target Acquired

Amos fights with the assassin
-pulling weapons from the racks in the armory
-amos trows a dagger at the assassin and causes his flesh wound to fester with aid from The Cutthroat
-assassin pins amos behind a table, which devolves into a brawl
-amos decides to cut his losses and jump out of the window to land in the bushes below
-in doing so, he breaks his leg and The Cutthroat patches it back together roughly with necromancy (appears to be open wound on shin, but he feels fine)

Arcady and Aldebaran survey the disciplining of the traitors
-doomhand has desiccated some of them, grelka has some of her people administering whippings while having her beasts snap at them
-arcady and Aldebaran talk with doomhand and grelka about a plan to quietly make examples of the traitors and control the resulting rumors to spread fear through the ranks
-arcady is contacted by bynazgu about meeting the other oni, and lists some items he must assemble for the ritual (book,blade,flower,fire)
-aldebaran asks grelka if he can take her shift watching the whipping, then steals some of her beasts and some of doomhand’s dead men

Aldebaran and Amos
-after wandering around, aldy finds the apparently wounded amos, and hears about the assassin
-he then makes a gift of the dead men and the beasts (a young panther and an 18-foot king cobra) which The Cutthroat forces Amos to reanimate
-aldebaran proposes that they hunt down the assassin

Arcady and the oni
-he assembles the necessary items and arranges them in a rectangle as instructed, then fells bynazgu pull him into the spirit realm
-he sees four ogres with his similar tusks and horns, two blue, two red, in a stoic stone chamber with no doors
-they speak, testing arcady’s personal fire, then command him to insert himself into the conflict between The Cutthoat and The Cutpurse, as it will make the ogres a power in the world
-they bless him with wisdom (the book guy, old and blue), compassion (the flower woman, beautiful and blue), vengeance (the blade woman, mighty and red), and the winds of change (bynazgu, red with more intense horns than the others)
-when he returns to the world of the living, he sees that the blade is stuck into the floorboards, the book is opened, the petals of the flower are layed around it in a circle, and the fire has burned out
-arcady finds lord thagrosh and tells him that they must go to war



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