Cutthroats in Felac'Delb

Chapter 2: Business Concluded

The Jaran Countryside
Amos and Aldebaran have been enjoying their money from Thranten while staying in a small town called Waymark. Amos drinks and peruses wares at the market and Aldebaran buys whatever drugs he can get his hands on and takes them with Siobhan. Five days after they got their money, a halfling messenger gives Amos a note written in True Kalashek, which Amos recognizes but cannot read. He goes to find Aldebaran (who can). Aldebaran is in a pile of filth passed out, and Amos wakes him and gives him the note. Aldebaran reads it: it’s from thranten, who says that he has another job for them and that it will pay 10 times more than the last one. They grab Siobhan and head back to the mansion.
When they arrive at Thranten’s they’re very eager to hear about this new job. Thranten gives them a downpayment, and says that he’s going to Jera because Boss Fajo has summoned him. He sees it as an opportunity to take out some of Fajo’s guys from under him, so he is bringing AA with him. They agree and head out that day.

The City Jera
AA marvel at the size of the city. Not half as nice as Bastion (according to Aldebaran), and filled with a healthy mix of all the races. The target they get from Thranten is a Polaris ambassador, Elim Reiltar, so they start making plans to take him out. Aldebaran knows that he’s generally a good/upstanding guy, has consort in the city, and has a thing for exotic liquors. Fortuitously, they pass a group of dwarves talking about a shipment of almond liquer, and they spring into action.
Aldebaran adopts the character of a halfling cobbler and starts talking to the dwarves about their terrible shoes while Amos sneaks into their storehouse/shack to take shipment. He gets it, but one of their guys walks in, and Amos takes him out with his knife before he raises the alarm. Later he dumps the body down a sewer grate.
Aldebaran blends into the crowd and leaves Amos on his own to take out the ambassador. While Amos is planning the attack, he runs into a guy that says he’s from the Crimson Lancers, a Jera-for-Jerans gang that wants foreign influences out. They’ve been plotting to take down the ambassador, but are willing to have Amos be the trigger man to distance themselves from the murder. With their intel, Amos sneaks in through a servant’s entrance and avoids detection the entire way up to the ambassador’s room. The door is ajar, and he hears snoring. Inside, the ambassador and his consort are unconscious with a bottle of the almond liquer Amos and Aldebaran stole half-empty beside them. It was Aldebaran’s handywork, so Amos gets out his knife to finish the deed.
Amos goes to a divey tavern to lay low for a few hours. Amos his on one of the human tavern wenches and really hits it off with her. Amos buys a room and some potent orc drinks with the money he got from Thranten, then heads upstairs with the willing human woman.
His post-sex nap is interrupted by a knock on the door, which he answers grudgingly. It’s Commander Shran, who asks Amos about Aldebaran. Amos says no, and Shran says that they’ve been summoned by Thranten. Amos goes with him to Thranten’s apartment, but Thranten is with Boss Fajo (and a squad of Blue Suns), who is accusing him of murdering the ambassador. Thranten smiles at Amos, points at him, and says that he’s responsible. Thranten says that Amos and his cohort are working for the Creythia Society and that he’s lured them with the promise of gold into the city to answer for the defiling of Fajo’s daughter and estate. Fajo knows that Thranten is bullshitting, but takes has his men take Amos into custody. The Blue Suns put him in a dungeon within the city.
Amos chills in the dungeon for a few hours, then he gets taken out and brought before this guy who calls himself Seeker Gillen. The Seeker asks Amos some philosophical questions about purpose, which Amos answers sarcastically. He then starts talking about how Amos is obviously guilty of murder, but that his crime is irrelevant when he and his “small friend” have a higher purpose. At that point, Aldebaran walks into the room getting out of a Blue Suns uniform (he was listening in as one of the guards). The seeker is caught off-guard by Aldebaran’s entrance, but resumes, saying that they were destined to be brought before him so that they could attend to a matter of blood. He elaborates on the matter of blood, by naming Hrabkuk, and says that he must be found, and that they are to assist him in something of cosmic importance. Aldy gets pissed that the Seeker is talking about destiny and cosmic stuff, so he flips out and bites him, but the Seeker launches a brick from the wall and clocks Aldy in the head.
The seeker asks if they agree to locate and aid Hrabkuk if the Seeker assists in their escape, which they do, since dungeons suck. The Seeker closes his eyes and the air gets really still, then rattles off a list of directions and times which together form a timed guide that will allow them to simply walk out of the dungeon. Before they go, he says that they will run into Dodros, Fajo’s right-hand man, and vengeance will be on his mind. Amos and Aldebaran follow the guide and get out without being noticed.
Aldebaran is really pissed that Thranten betrayed them, so he wants to send a message before they leave the city. They look around for Commander Shran, and find him walking towards Fajo’s palace. Amos drags him into an alley, then Aldebaran sets to breaking his mind. He tells Shran that he and his boss have crossed the wrong men, and that Thranten is in for some serious pain and suffering. Then they knock him out, break all the fingers on one of his hands and carve “TRAITOR” into his chest to send a message to thranten.
They walk out of the alley, but someone calls to them from behind. It’s Dodros, and he’s coming out of the alley. He asks if they were the ones that mangled Shran’s body, and they admit to it. He looks horrified, then asks why. When they tell him that they’re going to come after Thranten, he changes his attitude and agrees to let them leave this once. Dodros has it out for Thranten too, and doesn’t want to hinder Amos and Aldebaran since they seem very motivated to take him down. Aldebaran says that Thranten also has the Boss’ daughter, and that he is the one who hired them to kill the ambassador. While Dodros is angered by their part in the murder, he lets them go with the warning that they better get to Thranten before he gets to them. They smile and walk away.



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