Cutthroats in Felac'Delb

Chapter 3: Family Reunion

Hrabkuk fights through thugs and gets info from Mogh: Rahgot the Furious has taken an oracle of some kind captive, and he might be able to help him in his pursuit of eoric deepsong. They can be found at Fort Bloodspike.

Amos and Aldebaran travel towards Nanlaq per instructions, have to make a break for it when they run into bandits. Aldebaran has to ditch his disguise kit. Seeker Gillen finds them in the jungle and gives them more precise directions to a village.

Amos and Aldebaran come across a village named Teg Aral, which is run by Guidefather Gjosefv, who leads the Ursine Brotherhood. Amos and Aldebaran try to gain entrance, and Hrabkuk shows up in the attempt, who vouches for them. There’s a father-son moment, then they explain how both of them got there. Hrabkuk tells them about his current target, Fort Bloodspike, and they make preparations to infiltrate it to retrieve the oracle. Aldebaran takes a bunch of green pigments from the Brotherhood and goes into Filthshank mode.

Amos and Hrabkuk sneak up to Fort Bloodskpike, but it looks abandoned. They see some markers left by Aldebaran, so they continue in. They see a lone man kneeling in the middle of a circle, and when they approach him, he reveals himself to be YaTrug The Summoner, and he thinks that Hrabkuk and Amos are Gjekrat scouts, so he unleashes his trap then teleports away. His trap consists of a shitstorm of demons, and Hrabkuk and Amos put them down hard with magic and brutality. They look around some more and find a note from Aldebaran that says “Burovedk”, which they know to be a Fvavalk fort further from their border with the Gjekrat Alliance. They set out.

Hrabkuk gives up on stealth, and runs to their main gate babbling about YaTrug’s demons being behind him, then launches into a Haxitumite doomsday speech. In the background, Amos sneaks in right behind them and locates the oracle, who turns out to be Tanasi named Ian Glung. He frees him and they make an awkward escape.

Not too far away from the fort, Amos and Hrabkuk meet up, then start questioning Ian. He says to Hrabkuk that “The King of the Dwarves can be found where The Beginning ended”. They are about to head off, but some soldiers and a Dumati war priest roll up on them because they thought that Hrabkuk’s actions were bizarre. They attack, but Amos and Hrabkuk take them out pretty easily. When only a few of the dudes are left, Rahgot shows up and starts kicking their asses. Eventually, Amos discovers that he’s in a berserk state, so Hrabkuk assaults his mind and puts the fear of Haxitum in him. Meanwhile, the oracle has run off, so Rahgot calls for more dudes to chase him down and help with Amos and Hrabkuk. They decide to peace out, and Rahgot lets them flee.



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