Cutthroats in Felac'Delb

Chapter 4: Homefront

Amos and Hrabkuk run down Ian Glung after their fight, and find him being accosted by two elves. They get them to back off, then talk to Ian some more about where he’ll go. They mention Seeker Gillen, and Ian says he’ll just wait to be found. With no sign of Aldebaran, Amos concludes that he was killed, and simply moves on. He and Hrabkuk leave for Dharz’Dan so that they can visit the family and so that Hrabkuk can deliver his report to the church.

When they’re close to the city, they run into Mogh Lionhide, who greets them and offers the hospitality of his home to them for when they’ve finished their official business. While they’re walking through the city, some upper-crust orc boy points and laughs at Amos, so he takes him into an alley and scares the crap out of him. Hrabkuk goes into the church office to deliver his report to Lord Overseer Walter Antilles, and Amos waits in the lobby. Before he makes his report Enforcer-Errant Uvengk the Sanctioner is talking to the Lord Overseer about the slaves that they brought in thanks to some goblin. The goblin shows himself, and he creepily introduces himself to Hrabkuk, then leaves. Hrabkuk makes his report to the Lord Overseer, who is displeased by the vagueness, but says that he will pass the message up the chain of command.

Downstairs, the goblin reveals himself to be Filthshank, and he and Amos rendezvous with Hrabkuk. Filthshank reverts to Aldy, who tells them that he was gone on a quest to recover his disugise kit from the bandits, which ended in him luring them into a trap/enslavement. With all things seemingly in order, they go to visit Mogh.

Mogh lets them in and gives them some of the dwarven ale he’s been brewing as part of the new business venture. He hands them a note that he was given “by two elves”, and they read it: it’s a death threat on Amos/Hrabkuk’s family from Gjagk Mercy, and everyone is stunned. Amos and Aldy start talking about moving the family, and Mogh says that they should show some muscle against Gjagk and not run from him. They say nope, and leave.

Aldebaran disappears while Amos fills Hrabkuk in on the specifics of Gjagk Mercy and how force is simply not the answer. When they arrive at the family home, they see that the door is open and that there are signs of a struggle (but no blood). They freak and Hrabkuk starts running toward the church.

When they get outside, there’s a weird noise and people are looking up, so they look up too and see some Pjotlkraft about to make a pass over the city. They run faster, but the kraft make it over the city and drop sacks made from corpses, from which demons emerge and begin to wreak havoc in the city. Amos and Hrabkuk face down some dretches, nasty, mangy, werewolves, and orcs that looked like they’ve been crossed with demons. Somehow aldebaran bursts out of one of the dretches and joins their fight. They make it out after taking a beating, then get to the safety of the church. The attack is pretty much over, and Uvengk and Antilles both give Hrabkuk crap for running off to attend to his family instead of aiding the church in the defense.

As they walk out wondering what the hell just happened, an arrow with a note on it whizzes by and sticks in the wood of the door between Amos and Hrabkuk. They take it off and read the note, which is a taunting message about how Amos has revealed the location of his family to Gjagk Mercy in his panic. Amos looks up and sees one of the elves from the jungle, and runs after him. They meet in an alley, Amos with his crossbow up and the elf with another arrow notched and aimed at Amos. To break the stalemate, Amos takes cover and hides, so the elf goes running. Amos sneaks around and snipes him in the street.

He and Hrabkuk break him, and get the information about where the other elf is. He also reveals that Gjagk Mercy was never with them, and that they did this on their own to remind Amos that he can run, but he can’t hide. Aldebaran cuts his throat.

They sneak up to the other elf’s location, and take him down. He tells them that he didn’t get a hold of the family, but that the were taken by thugs, but returned later. The three are confused, but kill him just to be safe. They see that he was writing a letter to Gjagk Mercy to inform him of the update on Amos Silenthowl. Amos crumples it up and tosses it in the campfire. They head back to Dharz’Dan to see the family.



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