Cutthroats in Felac'Delb

Chapter 7: Link

Arcady Flashforward
undertow guys meeting with athforek mercs, arcady tries to be inconspicuous. guy starts making smalltalk with him and makes a scene with the mercs, arcady triest to win them over to no immediate effect

Amos and Yaldebbbrn
aldy goes to purchase some shroome shroomnedd, amos buys some bolts. They meet up later to talk with ulyark. Guards doop at them, then they enter ulyark’s chamber, and he speaks into their minds. they mention the arando connection and aldy gets the ball rolling on investigating his spirit. ulyark demands a payment of blood and assistance for their mutual “friend”, arcady. aldy agrees and goes downstairs, ulyark tries to get amos to barter with him to no avail.
Aldy’s shrooms kick in and he flips out when they try to take some of his blood. he runs off with some materials from his disguise kit.
Amos takes the ferry to the business district and hits hard luck (tensions with the UFK make people hostile to him). He notices and eavesdrops on some kalashek that seem to be surveying the city for its capabilities (# of guards, traffic in/out, etc). Eventually a goblin shopkeeper lets him in. They reminisce on the good old days, but are interrupted by a visit by the undertow, lead by aatos. a fight erupts and amos knocks aatos out before fleeing.
he gets into a bit of a chase, then an elf opens his shop and lets him in. turns out that its piko ashrae, and he’s willing to mess with the undertow bc he hates aatos on principle. he gets amos to try some of the kanar wine, who says that it’s meh for the orc palate (it lacks the necessary kick). arcady in the form of anzo knocks on the door, and he and piko talk for a while, and he accidentally calls him arcady, which amos picks up.
Amos spends the night, then heads over to the festhall in the morning, where he runs into arcady in his flashforward.

united party
Amos mentions his connection to aldbrn, and they set out to look for him, but get swarmed by undertow guys. they want to take amos in (and arcady, bc disrespect to ulyark) for messing with aatos. amos surrenders and they get taken to Fortitude. Aatos is finishing up with some halfling woman, and he starts berating Amos and Arcady while he gets dressed. he orders some of the men out, and then says that he’ll let them go if they agree to help him take some of termina’s supporters so that he can make a move against her. Termina is meeting with the Wavestrider pirates, and Aatos will get them to their island to do the deed. The halfling woman becomes Aldy, who starts peeling off the disguise, and begins telling him about the plan to become a power in the region, and that they’ll do it if it pays well and they can call on the undertow as allies when they need serious muscle. Aatos is impressed, and yems the idea. he gives them the three names and sends some guys with them to point them out.
They lure them all to the festhall eventually, and AAA make a room in the great festhall a scene that would appear to be an orgy gone horribly, horribly wrong. They head over to the docks to take one of the undertow ships to the Wavestrider Island.



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