Gjagk Mercy

aka Garrote Gjagk, Half-orc Contract Torturer and executioner


Fantastic: Lore, Crafts

Superb: Investigate, Physique

Great: Will, Fight

(could step all of this down one)

Stunts for pursuing, torturing, and executing



So named because his mother wsa taken from the northmost lands of the Hirogen. Son of the Border Lord Sravok-who-Laughs-at-Death.

Gjagk is a contract torturer and executionior. He carries a number of knives for self-defense and utility, but he prefers to kill by hanging or strangulation. Will often bind a target with a rope before strangling them with his bare hands.

Was viewed as sociopathic even by the Border Lords and formerly employed as King Gjonrak’s personal executioner.  Was charged to kill Aldebaran the Bastard, who escaped with the help of Amos Silent Howl. To atone for his failure, Gjagk has relinquished his post to pursue Aldebaran across Felac’delb, and eagerly awaits the moment he can personally squeeze the life from the gnome.

As a contractor, he’s earned the nickname of “Garrote Gjagk.”

Gjagk Mercy

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