Triona Sashentar

Septentriona Sashentar, The Winter's Kiss


High Concept: Cold Dead Hand of The Creythia
Priestess of Sheshtui
Sinking Ship

Superb -Sheshtuii Illusion, Sheshtuii Evocation
Great – Deceive, Sheshtuii Necromancy
Good – Empathy, Will
Fair – Athletics, Fight

Divine Magic: Sheshtui x3 – Add Sheshtuii evocation, necromancy, and illusion to your tree, gain the manipulator extra
When you create an advantage with Sheshtuii Illusions they have a free invoke for effect
Cryo Artificier – Successfully created Ice Weapon advantages using Sheshtui magic get an additional free invoke
Mind Games – You can use deceive to deal composure stress as long as you make up a clever lie while doing so

Triona Sashentar

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