Cutthroats in Felac'Delb

Chapter 1: Character Assassination

Aldebaran and Amos hang out in a tent in Creythia territory after successful murder of Ilirith Nurkanis. Triona shows up and recommends that they take a job from Thranten Ias in Jera. They are reluctant to leave without up-front pay, but when she mentions that Gjagk Mercy is around, they venture out without hesitation.

Upon arrival, Aldy makes a power-play posing as the merchant “Sebastian Anderstein” with Amos as his bodyguard, “Ludan.” They ask Ias to appraise Aldy’s jewel collection, as he was once a jeweler. Aldy convinces Ias that the gems had been stolen from Ias’s own collection, which prompts him to freak out and leads to Amos pulling a knife on Ias’s guards. Aldy diffuses the situation by revealing that it was all a ploy to convince Ias that he and Amos were up to the job.

The job is the humiliation of Boss Fajo, ideally to be coupled with destablization of the Blue Suns who support him. Ias knows of a fortified retreat house in which the Boss has his promiscuous daughter hidden away from the public eye and guarded by Blue Suns. Ias hires the Cutthroats to “defile” Fajo’s retreat.

He also asks them to look into the matter of a smuggler’s boat which is heading up the River Jara toward Kalashek lands. The payment for each job is a healthy portion of “low-quality” gems, which are marvellous by Aldy and Amos’s standards.

Somehow, Aldebaran gets inside the retreat and is able to drape a tapestry down the outer wall to indicate where the weakest spot in the night watch is. Amos exploits this and goes Batman on the outer guard; he throws a few down the wall and knifes others before they can call for help. He then takes his time to line up a perfect shot on the Blue Suns’ leader in the area, whom he kills with a crossbow bolt to the neck.

Unfortunately, Amos hesitates wheh he sees the leader’s young squire approach the body, and their eyes meet in the shadows. After this, an alarm is raised, and the guards mobilize to hunt down an elusive Amos to no avail. Aldebaran and the daughter come running out of the latter’s chambers naked, and after making a rude gesture to the dumbfounded guards, the gnome and his prize slide down the tapestry to safety.

Aldebaran sends Siobhan, the daughter, back to Ias’s estate on horseback. Then, though he did not really ask about its location, he makes a rough guess about the location of the boat he and Amos were meant to track.

They barely spot the boat from their vantage point on the river, but are able to intercept it before it makes its drop or they lose track. Aldy distracts the crew—three orcs and a goblin—while Amos swims underneath. The surprised crew is helpless against the brutal manhunter’s axe and vicegrip, and after a quick change into the guise of Filthshank, Amos and Aldebaran have stolen the boat and its crew’s identities.

The Cutthroats ransack the boat’s contents and find a dessicated, noble-looking elf corpse hidden amid exotic spices. Neither recognizes the body. They see a number of elves following them through the bushes alongside the river; hoping to incite them to show themselves, Aldy convinces Amos to cut off the corpse’s left hand and cast it in the direction of the elf party.

After a day or two they make it to the drop point, where they rendezvous with a Kalashek river skiff. Upon discovering the mutilation, the Kalashek are very angry, but Aldebaran confuses them enough about his and Amos’s motivations that they drop the issue and make do. Amos suggests to Aldy that they not lose track of the corpse, but the Kalashek won’t let them aboard.

It as just as well—once the Kalashek have the body, Creythia society forces (the same elves as before) burst from the water and bushes and assault their ship. At this point, Amos and Aldy take off running alongside the river, Amos dragging “Filthshank” behind him.

They get confronted in a thicket by twelve Blue Suns, three of whom are elite, who are out looking to bring Amos to justice. “Filthshank” maniacally injures himself on thorny bushes, distracting and confusing the mercenaries long enough for Amos to slip into the underbrush. Three of the men restrain Aldebaran while six look for Amos. The remaining three stand vigilant.

Amos shoots, stabs, and strangles the six who futilely search for him, but in doing so ultimately reveals himself to the three elite warriors. Aldebaran struggles against the Suns restraining him and mires them in the river muck, preventing them from aiding their brethren. When they still hold him, he bites fingers, gouges eyes, and kicks groins until they lose their will to fight.

Amos is losing the stand-up fight against the tougher warriors until he finds himself backed into the underbrush. There, he causes the Suns to trip over each other, and uses their fumble to savagely cut them down with his axe.

Though Amos and Aldy leave the poor fools who attempted to restrain “Filthshank” alive, a number of elves arrive and stab the survivors to death before they can be questioned.

When they make it back to the Ias Estate, Triona is waiting, Ias and Triona compliment the Cutthroats on a job well-done; they have decimated Fajo’s organization and helped the Creythia Society recover the body of Archon Yukanis. Aldy takes the opportunity to flaunt his new affair with the halfling girl in Triona’s face, while insisting that Amos be the one to discuss payment.

Finally, Amos rests his bones after the week’s brutal fighting, and washes himself in Ias’s bathroom. He’s getting too old for this shit, but he still cracks a nasty, missing-toothed smile.



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